FreezAir Pro - Portable AC in a Box

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Keep Yourself Cool in the Summer Without Spending a Fortune!
  • Rapid cooling, cool a room within seconds!

    Unlike traditional AC systems that slowly try to cool down an entire room or house, the FreezAir Pro AC focuses on just one area at a time. You’ll feel the ice-cold air in mere seconds!

  • Completely portable and rechargeable to take anywhere with you!

    FreezAir Pro AC isn’t just for your room or house – it’s for anywhere you’re headed this summer! Since it’s completely portable and rechargeable, you can simply pick it up and take it with you to the park, the beach, and more!

  • Slash electric bills & keep that extra cash for yourself!

    Did you know that AC is the most expensive part of your utility bill each year?
    With FreezAir Pro AC, you can ensure you stay cool wherever you go in your home - without the huge bill!

    The FreezAir AC is much more energy-efficient than a typical air conditioner. The result? A shockingly low electricity bill that won’t make you sweat! Don’t waste thousands of dollars on expensive, slow, and inefficient AC units!

    Get budget-friendly, fast-acting cooling with ChillWell AC.