360 Degree Automatic Sonic Electric Toothbrush

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Ultrasonic cleaning function, 100% more plaques and stains than conventional manual toothbrushes, clean and healthy teeth in 7 days, and improved gums and oral health within 14 days. The unique U-shaped mouthpiece design, combined with human bite engineering, can quickly clean the surface and interior of the tooth in multiple directions, making up for the defects of traditional toothbrush cleaning without many dead ends.


  • 【Multifunctional Mode】 – This automatic toothbrush is your professional daily dentist which helps promote the health of the gums and teeth with different function modes as follows : 1. Strong mode for powerful teeth brushing; 2. Medium mode for comfortable teeth brushing; 3. Massage mode for gum massage; 4. Whitening mode for teeth whitening.
  • 【High-quality materials】 - This sonic toothbrush made of food-grade environmentally friendly silicone, this sonic whitening toothbrush is waterproof throughout the body and can be cleaned and reused.(suggestion: when brushing your teeth, please gently move up and down, left and right to achieve better cleaning)
  • 【Powerful Teeth Whitening】 – Unlike traditional whitening strips, our teeth whitening toothbrush uses the LED blue light to help to accelerate the removal of stains from coffee, soda, tea and smoking fee, soda, tea and smoking. (Not Included Whitening Gel) 360 degrees contact gums and teeth. Every time you brush your teeth, you can give your mouth a quick and comfortable experience.
  • 【Unique U-Shaped】 – This teeth whitening kit is designed in unique U-shape, which is in contour with the shape of the teeth bite and can reach deeper area than common toothbrush. Matching up the high-frequency sound wave vibration, it can quickly and deeply clean the surface and inside of the tooth in all direction, providing dental health protection.